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Can you afford to wait 10 years to master the art of speed development?

Many legendary coaches have said it takes 10 to 15 years to become competent as a speed coach. Can you afford wait a decade? How do you get better at a faster rate? You can:

​1. Go To School: Formal education can give you a solid foundation in theory, but it can also be super expensive.
2. Grad Assistant or Intern: Slogging through long hours of work for little or no pay can be done for a while, but it gets old fast.
3. Start Your Own Group: Learning by doing is an option, but there is way too much trial and error if you don't have a quality mentor.

The secret is to surround yourself with the real pros. World Speed Summit is your ultimate shortcut to becoming a leading-edge speed coach by giving you immediate access to top experts all at once.

You'll see coaches talk about how to approach real life situations you won't read about in any book:

You'll hear how they plan training sessions
You'll see sample training sessions for youth, high school and elite athletes
You'll find out their best shortcuts for making athletes faster
You'll learn their approach to making athletes more explosive
You'll see how they fix biomechanics

They share their biggest successes (...and biggest failures) so you can implement what works, and totally avoid what doesn't!

It has often been said, "If you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room." World Speed Summit positions you in the right room with some of the brightest speed and power experts who will challenge your thinking and take it to the next level.

​World Speed Summit is your ultimate shortcut to becoming a leading-edge speed coach. Get all the "secrets" from the top minds in speed development instantly...right from the comfort of your own home!

Here are just a few of the secrets waiting inside World Speed Summit 3:

  • How to manage large groups of athletes...without pulling your hair out!
  • The exact practice elements America's #1 strength coach uses to get team sport athletes fast, fit and strong in just 60 minutes
  • Your step-by-step plyometrics blueprint to blast through speed limits...safely!
  • Go behind-the-scenes in a “case study” showing how an elite 400m coach helps an athlete with a serious injury history shave almost a second off his 400m just half a season!

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World Speed Summit 3...

David Epstein

Nature vs. Nurture: How Trainable Is Speed?

  • The accidental genetic advantage that creates speed
  • The hidden pitfalls of genetic testing
  • What should come before EVERYTHING if you want to create great athletes...(hint, it's not in your genes)
  • The secret advantages of Jamaican coaching culture

Henk Kraaijenhof

How To Create Training That Fits Your Athletes (Not Athletes That Fit Your Training)

  • The top two coaching errors almost everyone makes, and how to fix them fast
  • Why you need to understand the "challenge vs. threat" concept to wring the best performance possible from your athletes
  • The one minute jump protocol that tells you whether your athlete is "fast twitch" or "slow twitch"...right on the spot!

Mike Boyle

Make Every Minute Count: Group Speed Training In 60 Minutes Or Less

  • The #1 threat to youth athletic development today...and how to avoid it
  • The exact elements to include if you only have 60 minutes per session to speed train
  • What Mike does in his weight room...and what he totally avoids!

Mike Hurst

Case Study: Shaving Seconds Off The 400m

  • “Case study” on Mike’s step-by-step process that guides an athlete from chronic injury to massive personal best…in just half a season
  • Mike's step-by-step checklist when he intakes a new athlete
  • How to build and manage a support team for your athletes on a shoestring budget

Bret Contreras

Building Glutes For Speed: What You're Missing

  • 'MVIC' and why you need to understand it
  • The exact horizontal exercises your speed athletes should be doing...and why
  • Bret's counter-intuitive but brilliant approach to increasing athlete explosiveness super-safely

Nick Littlehales

Sleep Hacks For Speed Athletes: More Recovery With Less Sleep

  • The simple coffee "hack" that lets you enjoy your joe without destroying your sleep
  • The 3 HUGE mistakes you're making in your bedroom
  • Why you should NEVER spend big money on a mattress- and what to do instead

Derek Hansen

The Speed-Based Approach To Football Training

  • The major practice mistake almost every team makes
  • The one kind training every football coach loves...but should almost NEVER do
  • How to improve agility...WITHOUT doing agility training!

Mike Robertson

Why Field Sport Athletes Get Injured and How To Slay The Injury Dragon

  • Why NOT understanding this one key concept is massively holding back your coaching...and your athlete's success
  • How the "Record Board" in your gym is a HUGE cause of injuries!
  • How "The Relaxation Position" can help slash your injury rates

Steve Fudge

Diving Deep Into Speed Technique: Max Velocity

  • The hidden benefits of quality speed technique
  • Why male athletes MUST have better technique than females
  • The best way to develop your biomechanical "eye"

Angela Coon

The Performance of Life

  • The 12 minute home recovery strategy that works as well as a massage...but costs nothing!
  • The specific massage unit that Ange recommends
  • Why "doing the opposite" of your training is so important

Chidi Enyia

Breaking Down the Race: How To Run the 100m, 200m and 400m

  • How to get through the 100m "danger zone" unscathed
  • The fatal mistake athletes make when running the 200m...and how to avoid it
  • How to break each race down and "make it teachable"

Roger White

Organizing Chaos: How To Manage Huge High School Track Teams

  • The precise warmup to use with HUGE groups of high school athletes...that completely runs itself!
  • The #1 reason high school athletes get shin splints...and how to virtually eliminate them with one exercise and three strategies
  • The secrets of success at Championship Meets: what 99% of coaches don't know

Joel Smith

Vertical Jumps & Advanced Plyometrics For Speed: The Depth Jump

  • The hidden benefit to doing plyometrics with developmental athletes
  • The one plyometric drill that predicts max velocity
  • The dead-simple depth jump progression that will have you getting huge heights

Simon Hodnett

The Brendon Rodney 200m Case Study: 21.4 to 19.9

  • The strategies Simon used to get Brendon Rodney from 21.4 to 19.96 in the 200m despite bad weather, NO indoor track, and a tiny campus

Kyle Uptmore

How I Increased Testosterone by 40% In Two Weeks...Naturally

  • How taking one simple blood test can help you skyrocket your testosterone 100% naturally
  • The simple change made that resulted in a 40% testosterone boost in just two weeks!

Nikos Apostolopoulos

Everything You Know About Stretching...Is Wrong

  • Why you only gain FALSE improvements in range of motion conventional "stretching"
  • How to gain range of motion without doing ANY paintul stretching

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