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Can you afford to wait 10 years to master the art of speed development?

Many legendary coaches have said it can take 10 to 15 years to become competent as a speed coach. Can you afford wait a decade? How do you get better at a faster rate? You can:

  1. Go To School: Formal education can give you a solid foundation in theory, but it can also be super expensive.
  2. Grad Assistant or Intern: Slogging through long hours of work for little or no pay can be done for a while, but it gets old fast.
  3. Start Your Own Training Group: Learning by doing is an option, but there is way too much trial and error if you don't have a quality mentor.

The secret is to surround yourself with the real pros. World Speed Summit is your ultimate shortcut to becoming a leading-edge speed coach by giving you immediate access to top experts all at once.

You'll see coaches talk about how to approach real life situations you won't read about in any book:

You'll hear how they plan training sessions
You'll see sample training sessions for youth, high school and elite athletes
You'll find out their best shortcuts for making athletes faster
You'll learn their approach to making athletes more explosive
You'll see how they fix poor technique

They share their biggest successes (...and biggest failures) so you can implement what works, and totally avoid what doesn't!

It has often been said, "If you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room." World Speed Summit positions you in the right room with some of the brightest speed and power experts who will challenge your thinking and take it to the next level.

World Speed Summit is your ultimate shortcut to becoming a leading-edge speed coach. Get all the "secrets" from the top minds in speed development instantly...right from the comfort of your own home!

Here are just a few of the secrets waiting inside World Speed Summit 6:

  • The surprising reasons that explosive, fast-twitch dominant athletes should never warm up...or cool down
  • Exactly how  Nike "Coach of the Year" Caryl Smith Gilbert uses overspeed training (it's not how MUCH you use it, its when and how...)
  • The exact workout that Coach Tony Holler does more than ANY other- and why he think's its the #1 speed development workout by far
  • The hidden reason you should be training on grass more frequently (almost nobody talk about this)
  • The hidden reason you should be training on grass more frequently (almost nobody talk about this)
  • A dead simple yet totally BIZARRE method of loosening tight / restricted hamstrings

Become a leading-edge coach by surrounding yourself with the pros.

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World Speed Summit 6...

​My Speed Training Philosophy: 20+ Years of Coaching

Caryl Smith Gilbert (2018 Nike Coach of the Year)

​Director, Track & Field, USC

In This Session:

  • How a simple calculator can predict when your training program is heading for disaster
  • How Caryl sets up weekly training for her NCAA champion USC Trojans team
  • The keys to working with the most talented athletes- and the ways you MUST treat them differently
  • The exact planning process Caryl used with Andre DeGrasse to win an NCAA final...then win a World Championship medal later that season. (it's not what you think)
  • The one recruiting question you MUST ask every athlete! (this reveals their stress tolerance)

​Training Youth Athletes: The New Ideas I've Implemented This Year (and What Every Parent MUST Avoid)

Mike Boyle

​Co-Founder, Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning

In This Session:

  • The subtle change to Mike's sprint protocol that has MASSIVELY increased speed in virtually all (from youth to professional) athletes
  • Why what every parent thinks they know about youth training is WRONG- and how to get them to "see the light" for their own good
  • The super simple lift that Mike has been using to get tremendous power increases...with a near zero chance of injury

​Cutting Edge Training for the "Explosive" Speed Athlete

Henk Kraaijenhof

​Elite Speed Coach

In This Session:

  • The surprising reasons that explosive athletes should NEVER warm up or cool down
  • Why the weight room is overrated- and why Henk's training plan has ZERO weight room activity this season!
  • Henk's exact approach to cutting-edge training with extremely light "wearable weights"- (includes set / rep schemes and sample training protocols)
  • How to massively improve power, and keep the gains for MONTHS- without EVER stepping in the weight room?!

​Speed for Distance Runners: The Little Known Reasons You MUST Sprint

Tony Veney

​Sprint Coach & Instructor, USATF

In This Session:

  • Why the shortest interval you are currently running is FAR too long
  • The cold, hard reality that few "weekend warrior" endurance athletes know- and why it's adding minutes to your race time
  • The "secret" workout that Ethiopian athletes do at least once a week (and that you should be doing too)
  • The limits of "long repeats" (why they are not the answer)
  • Coach Veney explains the importance of R.E.S.P.P. and why it MUST be in your training program!

​Case Study: Ian Halpin: From 22.5 to 21.5 in the 200 Metres in One Season at 25 Years Old

Mike Hurst

​Elite 400m Coach, Australia

In This Session:

  • Why Mike believes in "casting a wide net", and his unconventional approach to finding athletes
  • Where Ian started out, and steps Mike has taken to improve his physical readiness for the 400m event
  • How Mike was able to take a FULL SECOND off Ian's 200m PB in a single season
  • Progressions since the beginning of the season, and where Mike expects Ian to be by Australian Nationals
  • Mike breaks down 200m, 300m and 400m race footage that EVERY coach athlete can learn from

​Sprinting: The Deceptively Simple Total Training System

Derek Hansen

​NFL Speed & Strength Consultant

In This Session:

  • Why the 10 metre sprint is one of the most powerful tools in a coaches arsenal- and how to implement it in your training program
  • The hidden reasons you should be training on grass more frequently (virtually nobody knows this)
  • How to virtually eliminate the risk of hamstring injuries when adding sprints to your training program (this will reduce your fear of injury HUGELY)
  • How to rehab a hamstring injury with ZERO weightlifting, yet come back stronger post-injury

​Post Activation Potentiation- One Minute "Hacks" To Faster Sprint Times

Chidi Enyia

​Sprints & Hurdles Coach, Altis

In This Session:

  • The biggest bang for buck potentiation exercises (and which exercises to totally avoid)
  • The #1 potentiation exercise Chidi uses to improve 100 metre performance (includes sets, reps, and rest period)
  • Why you're probably wasting your time doing PAP with this type of athlete...
  • How to create a "fatigue map" to get highest stimulation from athletes with the least residual fatigue from PAP exercises
  • The little-known  PAP protocol for 400m sprinters

​Eliminate Injuries: Quick and Easy Therapy Interventions Every Coach Can Use (Practical Session)

Roger White

Licensed Massage Therapist, USATF Rio Trials

In This Session:

  • Roger takes an athlete through an entire pre and post assessment using quick techniques EVERY coach can implement- this session is loaded with practical takeaways!
  • Roger demonstrates how and why a "flexibility issue" is not always related to muscle tightness
  • Why you MUST include static stretching in your training, and the exact protocol to use (this is completely opposite to conventional thinking)
  • A dead simple yet totally BIZARRE two minute method  of loosening tight or restricted hamstrings
  • Why you MUST include static stretching in your training, and the exact protocol to use (this is opposite to conventional thinking)

​"Feed the Cats": How 40 minute practices built a 10.31 100 metre sprinter

Tony Holler

Coach, Plainfield North High School

In This Session:

  • Why long practices are DEATH to high school track programs
  • Why his track team never, ever warms up
  • Why athletes should not "race" in practice
  • The one workout that rules them all (it may surprise you)
  • The subtle change Tony made to his program that had MAJOR consequences (athletes began running repeated personal records)
  • Tony's VERY unconventional approach to handling dual meets and in-season competition that ensures his athletes run FAST when it counts!

​How To Organize Large Training Groups Without Pulling Your Hair Out

Ryan Banta

Coach, Parkway Central High School

In This Session:

  • The time-saving method of organizing block starts for large training groups
  • Practical examples of how to manage athlete anxiety right before "the big game" or "the big meet"
  • The "secret" power of proximity to turbocharge your team's social interaction
  • How to warm up in an organized manner with large groups

Case Study: From 60m to 600m: How To Run fast (and win) Across Many Event Groups

Kurt Downes

Hurdles Coach, University of Windsor

In This Session:

  • Kurt shares the one training day that is ALWAYS in his program whether the athlete runs the 60 metres or 600 metres...and why it's important
  • How to plan for a very intense race season (this one takeaway is worth it's weight in gold)
  • How to gently enhance endurance qualities without totally destroying an athlete's speed
  • How Kurt planned to win an indoor National title without sacrificing outdoor season performances

​Integrated Core Training for Speed Athletes in Just 6 Minutes A Day (Practical Session)

Karsten Jensen

Strength & Conditioning Coach,

In This Session:

  • Why the plank should only be considered a low-level "building block" exercise and not a key exercise for advanced speed athletes
  • How to use a simple cable pulley machine to handle all of your core training just minutes per session
  • The exact, 3-step core training progression to use when planning a training block
  • Live demonstration of the exercises Karsten recommends, and how to coach exercise technique

​Partial Olympic Lifts: How To Get Athletes Lifting Heavy While Cutting Injury Risk to Near Zero

Kyle Uptmore

Sports Performance Coach, Chinese Olympic Committee

In This Session:

  • Why the traditional Olympic lifts like Snatch and Clean & Jerk are NOT appropriate for every athlete- and exactly what to do instead!
  • The ingeniously simple Olympic lift teaching progression that will have athletes hoisting heavy weights within a week
  • How to get athletes lifting heavier and producing more power far earlier in a training block using quick and easy modified Olympic lifts
  • The ultra-minimalist two exercise Olympic lifting program for speed athletes (and a sample training block)

Resisted Acceleration: How To Use Sled Training With Speed Athletes: A Scientific Review

Dylan Hicks

PhD Candidate, Exercise Science, Flinders University

In This Session:

  • The most (and least) effective methods of using sleds with team sport athletes
  • When, how and why to use ultra-heavy sleds (they are definitely NOT for everyone- but they work!)
  • How to use sleds with track and field athletes (and the approach you must avoid)
  • A behind-the-scenes look at how elite coaches are implementing overspeed training (they're doing a lot "less" than you might think)


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