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Boo Schexnayder

Avoiding 3 Key Mistakes Young Coaches Make

  • ​Why you should NEVER outsource problems
  • The grievous error former athletes make when they become coaches!
  • How NOT to use sleds in your program

Mike Hurst

The Concurrent Program: Mastering the 400m

  • ​The one thing to focus on that is the KEY to 400m success
  • Why doing this type of workout with young athletes is borderline "abuse"
  • "The best kind of endurance to develop is..." (you won't guess it!)

Carl Valle

Resisted and Assisted Sprinting

  • The "Three L's" you must consider when using resisted sprints​
  • Why the "10% body weight rule" for sleds does not always make sense
  • The exact type of speed work that football, soccer, and rugby players should do!

Kelly Starrett

Deskbound: What Your Athletes Do During Non-Training Hours

  • ​Why you should cut 90% of optional sitting out of your life...and how to do it
  • What every athlete should "train" all day, every day - even outside regular training hours
  • The $1 self-therapy tool any athlete can use on themselves, and guidelines for use

Joel Smith

Plyometrics For Speed Athletes

  • ​The most dangerous plyometric exercise - and how to do it safely!
  • The number ONE error athletes make when doing hurdle hops (most mess this up)
  • The most overlooked type of plyometric exercise for speed

Angela Coon

Nutrition and Mindset

  • The ​three mindset changes you should adopt to promote lasting success
  • If always excessively hungry, you may need to address this one issue
  • The problem with quantifying and gameifying exercise, nutrition and performance

Jimson Lee

Mastering Lifelong Speed Training

  • ​The most important supplement Jimson takes and recommends
  • The two boring (but effective) vitamins that can indirectly boost performance
  • Three trace minerals you should blood test for

Mike Cunliffe

Developing Speed and Explosion in Youth Athletes

  • ​Hear Mike how developed his daughter Hannah from childhood into an elite 10.99 100m sprinter
  • The ONE key performance metric that Mike bases all his training around
  • The key body part that unlocks MAJOR performance boosts

Pierre-Jean Vazel

Measuring Improvement in Speed Athletes

  • When (and when NOT to) use video to track athlete progress
  • The easiest speed measure to get using just your smartphone
  • ​The quick and easy way to measure stride length (no measuring tape needed!)

John Opfer

Fixing The 40 Yard Dash

  • ​Why his athletes never lift "maximally"- even NFL players!
  • The reason you can get major speed improvements with very little lifting
  • Why you should stop thinking about the poundage being lifted, and what you should focus on instead

Brian Risk

Skyrocket Athlete Success with Sports Psychology

  • ​How to best integrate mental preparation into your program without adding to practice time
  • How to fix the key mental error almost every high school athlete (and many elites) make
  • The sports psychology "trick" to use 24 hours before a big competition to skyrocket performance

Roger White

Recover Fast, Run Faster!

  • ​When athletes should and should NOT use ice baths (you're probably overdoing them!)
  • The 2,000+ year old regeneration technique that every athlete should try
  • Why static stretching does NOT hurt performance- if you follow this ONE key rule

Tony Holler

Attracting Talent to Your Speed Power Program

  • ​How to make athletes faster in 35 minutes per day and only three workouts per week
  • Why training athletes for "mental toughness" is a total waste of time
  • How have great 400m sprinters without EVER running over 200m in practice!

Ryan Banta

Creating A Winning Track Team Culture

  • ​The "underselling" approach that keeps high school athletes excited about sprinting fast
  • Three ways to quickly develop trust with new athletes
  • The "Jim Schmuck" approach to attracting talented athletes into your program

Michelle Kinsella

The Athlete's Guide To Navigating the NCAA System

  • ​The biggest positives and negatives of choosing the NCAA route
  • The staff member few athletes interview on school visits (this is a mistake)
  • A checklist for selecting a school by athletic criteria

Kyle Uptmore

Realities of Working Internationally in Sports Performance

  • ​The biggest positives and greatest challenges of working internationally
  • A guide to gaining the acceptance and trust of local sport coaches
  • The WORST way of trying to change a tradition-bound coach's mind!