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Can you afford to wait 10 years to master the art of speed development?

Many legendary coaches have said it takes 10 to 15 years to become competent as a speed coach. Can you afford wait a decade? How do you get better at a faster rate? You can:

​1. Go To School: Formal education can give you a solid foundation in theory, but it can also be super expensive.
2. Grad Assistant or Intern: Slogging through long hours of work for little or no pay can be done for a while, but it gets old fast.
3. Start Your Own Group: Learning by doing is an option, but there is way too much trial and error if you don't have a quality mentor.

The secret is to surround yourself with the real pros. World Speed Summit is your ultimate shortcut to becoming a leading-edge speed coach by giving you immediate access to top experts all at once.

You'll see coaches talk about how to approach real life situations you won't read about in any book:

You'll hear how they plan training sessions
You'll see sample training sessions for youth, high school and elite athletes
You'll find out their best shortcuts for making athletes faster
You'll learn their approach to making athletes more explosive
You'll see how they fix biomechanics

They share their biggest successes (...and biggest failures) so you can implement what works, and totally avoid what doesn't!

It has often been said, "If you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room." World Speed Summit positions you in the right room with some of the brightest speed and power experts who will challenge your thinking and take it to the next level.

​World Speed Summit is your ultimate shortcut to becoming a leading-edge speed coach. Get all the "secrets" from the top minds in speed development instantly...right from the comfort of your own home!

Here are just a few of the secrets waiting inside World Speed Summit 2:

  • The trick Usain Bolt uses to "beat" his opponents...before they step on the track
  • How one coach got his athlete to run 44 point in the 400 50m runs!
  • Step-by-step methods that help you manage large groups of athletes
  • The FOUR most common errors coaches make...and how to avoid them
  • Your step-by-step plyometrics blueprint to blast through speed limits...safely!
  • 2 reasons NOT to hop on the "cupping" bandwagon...and how to use cupping safely!

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World Speed Summit 2...

Dan Pfaff

43 Years In The Trenches: How My Speed Training Has Evolved

  • ​The daily success routines that Dan uses 7 days a week!
  • Why confirmation bias is a MAJOR threat to your success
  • The #1 reason that technology fails

Mike Hurst

400 Meters: The Do’s and Don’ts of Early Season Training

  • The three things you should NOT do in your early season training
  • The most common problem in 400m athletes- and what to do about it!
  • An overview of Mike's six week early season General Preparation Phase

Tony Veney

How To Get To The Point: Stop Wasting Time Doing Useless Workouts

  • The "Endurance Problem" and how to avoid it
  • What the "Average Speed" concept is, and why you NEED to understand it!
  • Why you should avoid "funnel coaches"

Lee Taft

Three Keys to Explosive Cuts: Change Direction Like A Pro

  • The three biggest errors athletes make when changing direction
  • Why NOT to overfocus on drills!
  • Two drills to reduce Anterior Pelvic Tilt and restore a neutral pelvis

Kevin Tyler

How I Trained a 400m Medalist on an 80m Straightaway

  • How Kevin trained an athlete to run 44 point in the 400 metres...using 50 metre sprints!
  • The type of athlete that responds best to a speed based 400m program...and how to identify them
  • The indoor training mistake almost EVERYONE makes!

Nicole Rodriguez

How To Maximize Your Game Speed

  • The two BIGGEST problems field sport coaches face- and how to conquer them!
  • How to quickly diversify your training program to provide more variety in the same amount of time
  • A step-by-step plan of attack to get the most out of short sessions with athletes

Kebba Tolbert

How To Approach Plyometrics: The Best (And Worst) Exercises

  • Kebba's "#1 Most Overrated" plyometric exercise
  • The "Best Bang for Your Buck" plyometric exercises
  • A sample Harvard workout including plyometrics, with detailed explanation by Kebba

Andreas Behm

'Magic Spacing' And Other Keys To Hurdle Mastery

  • Why you must understand "Magic Spacing" if you coach hurdlers
  • The #1 tip Andreas suggests for young hurdlers: You MUST NOT rush this!
  • What the World Record holder NEVER does in practice- and you shouldn't either!

Jeremy Boone

Shattering Self-Limiting Beliefs: How to Reconstruct Athlete Identity

  • Why athletes need to buy into YOU first, and your program second
  • Why you must create an environment that athletes feel safe "failing" in
  • The technique Usain Bolt uses to defeat his opponents...BEFORE the race has been run!

Derek Hansen

Strength Training For Speed: What Works (And What Doesn't)

  • Is there a clear cut relationship between strength and speed?
  • The three ways you should use medicine ball training early in an athletes strength development
  • The one reason NOT to do Velocity Based Training

Hasani Roseby

How To Go From 55 Point to 51 Point in the 400 Meters

  • Why she only trains her college athletes FOUR days per week!
  • An in-depth look at how Hasani took an athlete from 55 point to 51 point in the 400 metres
  • How she shaved 1.3 seconds off an athlete's 200m time in ONE season

Roger White

Skyrocket Recovery (and Speed) With Three Therapy Techniques

  • How NOT to use cupping (HINT: Most Olympic swimmers were doing it WRONG)
  • The grievous error former athletes make when they become coaches!
  • A secret therapy technique that helped a 400m athlete make the Olympics

Eli Mizelman

Power Principles: A Deep Dive

  • The secret power training X-factor that nobody talks about...but should
  • How to REALLY understand power development- even if you don't have a science background
  • The one supplement that is PROVEN to increase your vertical jump!

John Lytton

Field of Dreams: Your Guide to Speed Training in Field Sports

  • The #1 enemy of speed in field sports
  • How to "sneak" speed into almost ANY soccer or field sport session!
  • Proven strategies to get soccer coaches to buy-in to your "outside the box" thinking

Matt Gifford

Acceleration Training: The First 30 Meters

  • The two biggest mistakes you can make when teaching acceleration
  • Matt's favorite tool for teaching acceleration- by FAR!
  • How to cue your athletes so they improve fastest

Chris Korfist

Resetting your Central Nervous System for High Performance

  • What coaches should know about the central nervous system
  • How to reset your own CNS for greater performance

Dr. Larry Van Such

Isometric Training With Resistance Bands

  • The one isometric exercise Dr. Van Such recommends almost all athletes add to their program

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