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Can you afford to wait 10 years to master the art of speed development?

Many legendary coaches have said it takes 10 to 15 years to become competent as a speed coach. Can you afford wait a decade? How do you get better at a faster rate? You can:

  1. Go To School: Formal education can give you a solid foundation in theory, but it can also be super expensive.
  2. Grad Assistant or Intern: Slogging through long hours of work for little or no pay can be done for a while, but it gets old fast.
  3. Start Your Own Group: Learning by doing is an option, but there is way too much trial and error if you don't have a quality mentor.

The secret is to surround yourself with the real pros. World Speed Summit is your ultimate shortcut to becoming a leading-edge speed coach by giving you immediate access to top experts all at once.

You'll see coaches talk about how to approach real life situations you won't read about in any book:

You'll hear how they plan training sessions
You'll see sample training sessions for youth, high school and elite athletes
You'll find out their best shortcuts for making athletes faster
You'll learn their approach to making athletes more explosive
You'll see how they fix biomechanics

They share their biggest successes (...and biggest failures) so you can implement what works, and totally avoid what doesn't!

It has often been said, "If you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room." World Speed Summit positions you in the right room with some of the brightest speed and power experts who will challenge your thinking and take it to the next level.

World Speed Summit is your ultimate shortcut to becoming a leading-edge speed coach. Get all the "secrets" from the top minds in speed development instantly...right from the comfort of your own home!

Here are just a few of the secrets waiting inside World Speed Summit 3:

  • How to manage large groups of athletes...without pulling your hair out!
  • The exact practice elements America's #1 strength coach uses to get team sport athletes fast, fit and strong in just 60 minutes
  • Your step-by-step plyometrics blueprint to blast through speed limits...safely!
  • Go behind-the-scenes in a “case study” showing how an elite 400m coach helps an athlete with a serious injury history shave almost a second off his 400m just half a season!

Become a leading-edge coach by surrounding yourself with the pros.

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World Speed Summit 4...

Dan Pfaff

Getting to Gold: Donovan Bailey's Olympic 100m Win

  • The super simple approach they used in 1994 to gain experience, get noticed...and get paid!
  • A little-used "test-drive" strategy that tells you what an athlete needs to improve...six months before "The Big Race!"
  • The exact training strategy they followed (with examples) to allow Donovan Bailey run multiple rounds effectively
  • Behind the-scenes of why the 1996 Olympic training year was "not as clean as you think." (you'll be shocked at what they did and did NOT do!)

Al Vermeil

Secrets of Strength Training For Team Sports

  • The hidden reason why you CANNOT treat a superstar team sport athlete like an "elite" athlete (most coaches totally miss this
  • The difference between today's youth and kids from 30+ years ago...and why inexperienced strength coaches have NO idea what to do about it
  • The #1 single leg exercise that should be in your program
  • The hidden reason why you CANNOT treat a superstar team sport athlete like an "elite" athlete
  • If Al could only do ONE training element, what he picks #1 above all else!

Tony Veney

Going Global: Coaching International Athletes

  • The biggest mistake Tony made when first working with overseas elite athletes (do NOT do this)
  • Why and how you to "sneak" your best speed-boosting tricks into athlete workouts
  • How to do "damage control" of overseas elite coaches and athletes who believe in outdated training concepts

Brooks Johnson

Race To The Top: Lessons from 57 Years of Coaching

  • Listen to the most honest and forthright coach in WSS history tell it like it is!
  • Why Dennis Mitchell is a better coach for Justin Gatlin than Brooks is (you NEVER hear coaches admit this!)
  • The sober and rational reason why Books sometimes FIRES his athletes with no regrets whatsoever...and why and when you should too!
  • The best way to increase your influence within an organization...and a clever strategy for building even more once you're on the "inside"

Darryl Woodson

Coaching Mike Rodgers: A Decade Running 10.00 or Under

  • How to start with no money, no sponsors, and few connections 
  • The key principles that allow long term productive relationships with athletes 
  • The step-by-step approach they used to breaking the 10.00 barrier for the first time- and how they keep doing it year after year
  • Mike Rodgers greatest weakness (it's very common) and how Darryl manages it

Dr. Bryan Mann

Measuring the Weight Room: VBT for Speed Athletes

  • Exactly how Velocity Based Training can help you lift MORE weight while creating LESS fatigue
  • The exact VBT monitoring system that Dr. Mann uses, and why he chose it over the others
  • The three simple traps that you must avoid to get the most out of Velocity Based Training

Mike Hurst

Are You Making These Mistakes With Young Athletes?

  • The #1 mistake most youth coaches make
  • What type of aerobic training you should do regularly, and what type to totally AVOID!
  • The fastest way to create a "fuel efficient" athlete
  • The unknown but common spine abnormality that you should be checking for
  • What to do RIGHT AWAY when you see technique declining!
  • Mike's favorite workouts during the school competition period

Brett Bartholomew

The Art and Science of Building Buy-In With Athletes

  • Why being an "authority" coach no longer works with today's athletes...and clear strategies you can use to build "influence" instead
  • How to use ancient Machiavellian strategies to get what you need from athletes...FAST!
  • The #1 key mistake you must avoid to when training novice male athletes!
  • The rarely talked about "bright side of narcissism"...and exactly how to use it to your advantage

Natalia Verkhoshansky

The Shock Method: Advanced Plyometrics for Speed Athletes

  • The most important exercises you should do to build "special strength" for speed
  • EXACTLY how to progress Natalia's favorite exercises!
  • Practical video examples of proper and improper execution of "special strength" exercises

PJ Vazel

What We Can Learn From 2017 World Championships: A Deep-Dive Into Biomechanics

  • What the biomechanics data tells us about Usain Bolt and Justin Gatlin's performances (HINT...they won't be happy!)
  • What Laser-powered timing systems have finally proved about the best 100m performers

Håkan Andersson

The Peter Karlsson Case Study: From 11.70 to 10.18 in the 100 m

  • What Håkan says was the "#1 factor" (one that most coaches discount of overlook) that Peter used to continually shatter personal bests...year after year!
  • The secret environmental advantage Swedish coaches use to build more speed with less talent
  • The little-known testosterone killer that is RAMPANT in cold climates...and the exact strategy Håkan uses to reduce it!
  • Why acceleration in the first 20 metres be broken down into two distinct parts

Dr. Brent Brookbush

Avoiding Common Injuries: A Practical Guide

  • Why shin splints is a "garbage pail" term, and how you should classify them instead
  • Why the psoas is not the source of all your problems...and two tiny muscle group that may be!
  • Why a HUGE strength training association does NOT want you to stretch- and why they are 100% WRONG

Dr. Fergus Connolly

How To Use Sport Science in American Football (and Other Field Sports)

  • The surprising reason why sheer speed alone is NOT the key to team sport success
  • Why GPS data is not the "answer" when it comes to building your practice plans
  • How to delay fatigue by stimulating the nervous system so that athletes can play again at an optimum level in 24 hours or less!

Dr. Michael Yessis

How To Strength Train Youth Quickly, Safely, Effectively

  • The key reason why "high intensity" training is not good for developmental athletes
  • Why the "single joint exercise approach" is superior than multi-joint exercises when teaching youth athletes
  • Why you should do ONE set instead of three with your athletes

Ralph Mouchbahani

The Modern Approach to Max Velocity Speed Mechanics

  • Exactly how and why modern Max Velocity mechanics are better than the "traditional" model
  • How to teach this simple max velocity "Key Position" to any athlete of any age
  • What 99% of high school sprinters are doing TOTALLY wrong, and how fixing it practically guarantees faster races!

Annette Verpillot

What You Need To Know About Posture To Boost Your Performance and Prevent Injury

  • The surprising reason that vision and body posture are VERY closely related!
  • A simple, 30 second eye exercise that can improve head posture almost immediately
  • The simple 2 minute "breathing reset" that can get you "breathing like a baby" from your diaphragm again

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