World Speed Summit 6

December 10th-13th, 2018

Get Faster Now Learning Training Secrets From 16 of the World's Top Speed Experts

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For four consecutive days, our hand-picked team of world-class speed experts dig deep to share their very best tips, tricks and strategies to help your athletes sprint faster,  jump higher, lift heavier...all while competing injury-free.

Join  over 30,000 coaches and athletes over four jam-packed days of speed training masterclasses, case studies, and expert sessions.  

There's no beating around the bush, and no excessive theory...just real world strategies from the world's top thinkers that will improve athletic performance — FAST!

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World Speed Summit brings you front line access to the world's top speed experts as they reveal their training secrets.


We've brought together some of the world's top speed experts to share their success strategies for breaking through to peak performance at all levels - from novice to professional.

Caryl Smith Gilbert

Director, Track & Field, USC

My Speed Training Philosophy: 20+ Years of Coaching

Mike Boyle

Co-Founder, Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning

Training Youth Athletes: The New Ideas I've Implemented This Year (and What Every Parent MUST Avoid)

Henk Kraaijenhof

Elite Speed Coach

How to Train the "Explosive" Speed Athlete

Tony Veney

Sprint Coach & Instructor, USATF

The Little Known Reasons You MUST Sprint (and How to Incorporate Sprint Training)

Mike Hurst

Elite 400m Coach, Australia

Case Study: Ian Halpin: From 22.5 to 21.5 in the 200 Metres in One Season at 25 Years Old

Derek Hansen

NFL Speed & Strength Consultant

Sprinting: The Deceptively Simple Total Training System

Chidi Enyia

Sprints & Hurdles Coach, Altis

Post-Activation Potentiation: One Minute "Hacks" To Faster Sprint Times

Roger White

Licensed Massage Therapist, USATF Rio Trials

Eliminate Injuries: Quick and Easy Therapy Interventions Every Coach Can Use (Practical Session)

Ryan Banta

Coach, Parkway Central High School

How To Organize Large Training Groups Without Pulling Your Hair Out

Kurt Downes

Hurdles Coach, University of Windsor

Case Study: Personal Bests from 60m to 600m- How To Improve Athletes Across Many Event Groups

Tony Holler

Coach, Plainfield North High School

"Feed the Cats": How to Get Results in Just 40 Minutes A Day Coaching High School Track 

Karsten Jensen

Strength & Conditioning Coach,

Integrated Core Training for Speed Athletes in Just 6 Minutes A Day (Practical Session)

Kyle Uptmore

Sports Performance Coach, Chinese Olympic Committee

Partial Olympic Lifts: How To Get Athletes Lifting Heavy While Cutting Injury Risk to Near Zero

Dylan Hicks

PhD Candidate, Exercise Science, Flinders University

Resisted Acceleration: How To Use Sled Training With Speed Athletes- A Scientific Review more to be announced!

Get faster now learning training secrets from these speed experts

Surround yourself with the real pros. World Speed Summit gives you access to top experts all at once — they will demystify advanced training techniques, dissect their most powerful lessons, and dive into real-life examples. Whether you are a coach, athlete, or parent, be prepared to take your training to the next level.


Slash your learning curve with real experts

Most coaches and athletes spend years trying to “figure it out” — and settle for a fraction of the success they deserve. Why waste time experimenting when you can learn directly from those at the top of their game? Our hand-picked speed experts will empower you by teaching you what really works, even if you’re starting from scratch — and take your training to the next level.


Insights for everyone from beginner to seasoned pro

Our experts dug deep to give you their best ideas — ones you can implement whether you’re brand new to the speed world or you’re a seasoned pro. They will challenge your thinking and shed light on both old and new concepts. The best in the field know that constant growth and learning is what leads to results and WSS is packed with layer upon layer of insight!

Learn from the very best

Many of our experts don’t normally do this type of thing...BUT you can learn from them at World Speed Summit, meaning you’ll get rare access to a unique group of thought leaders all at once.  They share their biggest successes (and biggest failures) so you can use what works — and totally avoid what doesn't!

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Most conferences cost hundreds (even thousands) of dollars, but attending our online conference allows you to gain access to this high-quality information for FREE! Claim your spot now to get access to free streaming of sessions for four days, from December 10th-13th.


Attend from anywhere

This summit is 100% virtual — no flight or hotel room to book...saving you money and time away from your family and work. All you need is an internet connection for instant access to the experts.

Watch at your convenience

The sessions will be available online to watch at your own convenience. You will be able to watch each session over a 24-hour period, when you won't need to worry about missing a session!


What is World Speed Summit?

World Speed Summit is an online event featuring some of the world's top speed experts, who will share their success strategies for breaking through to peak performance. You’ll learn actionable strategies from experts who've coached athletes to Olympic medals and big NFL contracts. They are innovators and thought leaders in speed training who have made a difference by implementing new approaches to training. If you want to take your training to the next level quickly, World Speed Summit is for you.

Who should attend the summit?

If you are motivated to accelerate and elevate your speed training — whether you are a coach or athlete, novice or seasoned pro — you’ll find invaluable tips, tricks and strategies among our world-class experts. There is something for every speed freak at World Speed Summit — come prepared to take notes, share with your peers, and ACT!

Where is the event located?

World Speed Summit is 100% virtual! All you need to attend is an internet connection and you can join wherever you are. There is no physical venue and no need to travel. World Speed Summit is designed to make powerful content accessible to you from anywhere in the world.

How do I watch the sessions?

Join World Speed Summit with the button below and you’ll receive more information straight to your inbox leading up to the event. Every day of the event, you will receive an email giving you access to the new sessions. Simply click on the link in the email for instant access! You’ll be able to view the live sessions on any computer, tablet or mobile device.


Tyrone Edge is an elementary Physical Education teacher and IAAF Level 5 Sprints & Hurdles coach. He has coached speed athletes at every development level from youth to national. He is based in Toronto, ON, Canada at Phoenix Athletic Club.

Tyrone first became part of the track and field community running as a Masters sprinter. He became a keen student of high performance, and continues to seek learning opportunities from the world's elite speed coaches. World Speed Summit aims to provide ALL coaches, athletes, and speed enthusiasts the opportunity to learn from the elite minds in the speed community — many of whom have never spoken publicly before.


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